Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Why I won't vote labour

After reading the reviews of the candidates at whoshouldshipleyvotefor and attending a hustings myself, I have to say that I was more impressed than I thought I would be with the Labour candidate Susan Hinchcliffe.  Part of me thinks that she could be a decent MP for Shipley, and probably is more representative of my opinion than her most serious rival Philip Davies. 

However... (and its a big however), I don't think in the end it matters much what she does or doesn't believe.  The Labour party that I am familiar with is an autocratic organization in which the unelected but monied few have far more say than the elected MPs, and where during the Labour administration a rot has been allowed to set in throughout all levels of government that has led to both MPs and senior civil servants being more interested in personal advancement than in serving the country.  I've seen it personally, internally during a brief stint in government, and externally in the steady parade of external consultants and PFI businessmen (and women) who have infiltrated every aspect of government, taking huge amounts of taxpayer money and delivering nothing but promises.

And of course, theres the war.  I'm not sure if it would have made much of a difference to Bush if Blair had not gone along, but it certainly would have helped if Blair and the Labour party had not turned into lapdogs for an aggressive and misguided administration.  Theres is blood on their hands, and it is smeared over all of those who continue in Labours name.

Some things cannot be forgiven.

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